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We help people find solutions to the big mess called divorce. Whatever the reasons for wanting a divorce, we are here to help you get through it in the best way possible.

Divorces are rarely just about splitting up and dividing your belongings. A lot of deep emotions are involved. Emotions that often have build up over years before leading to the decision to divorce your partner. In other cases, emotions of hurt, anger and betrayal has stricken out of nowhere, the moment you caught your partner, or was caught, cheating.

All of these emotions clouds your rational thinking and complicates the divorce procedures for all involved. That is both you and your partner, plus any children caught in the middle.
We offer a diplomatic approach to try to settle the divorce on good terms — that’s what’s best for the children and both fighting parties. But if that is not an option or your partner is impossible to reason with, we will take stronger legal action to get you what is rightfully yours.

We handle uncontested divorces, contested and the super ugly divorces that ends in a trial. Your counselor will be with you every step of the way during this emotional time, to support you in making the right decision. At the time, your judgement might be clouded by revenge motives. So we will be the voice of reason to guide you to make the decision that will benefit you the most in the long run.

The legal process

The first thing we will do is attempt to settle the case in good faith without juridical intervention. When a divorce has to go to trial it often comes at a high cost — it quickly gets expensive, prolonged, and emotionally exhausting. So we will do everything we can to settle the issues before it comes to that.

However, if the other side is making unreasonable demands or not willing to negotiate a fair settlement, the case might have to go to trial. For most people this is their first time in a courtroom, and can be a frightening experience. So we make sure that the divorcees we represent are properly prepared, before you get in front of the judge. We help you understand that the family court is there to help and that the process is created to get issues settled so you can move on.