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The history of the United States can be said to be the history of immigrants coming to the new world in search of freedom. However, freedom is not what many immigrants encounter when they get here today.

For many immigrants arriving in the US the dream of becoming a citizen of the land of the free is cut short by the price of legal fees they can’t afford. Or because they fall victim of immigration service scams. As result they remain undocumented and miss out on the rights they should have living in the US.

Immigration is one of the areas of the law that are changing rapidly at the moment, and getting more and more complicated to navigate. It does not help that immigrants, foreign citizen residents and undocumented persons are targeted by society and legislators on a regular basis.

The developments in immigration policies means that any previous encounter with the law can have consequences for your immigration status. The outcome of past criminal cases, even from the far past, may have negative consequences for you, even if you are a Permanent Resident, bust especially for Undocumented individuals.

Our English, Spanish and Polish language legal counseling help immigrants from all over the world understand the complex US immigration process. And we do so at a price point that newly arrived immigrants with limited funds and undocumented persons in low-income jobs can actually afford.

We also handle cases where people apply for Polish citizenship through family members. Polish citizenship allows you to live and work within the European Union. Thanks to the Free Movement of Labour policy you will be free to relocate and find work in any of the member states of the European Union as long as you hold a citizenship of one of the member states.